Full Version: Enclosure for TouchDRO DIY Kit for Glass Scales
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I wanted to experiment with the TouchDRO system and picked up the DIY kit for glass scales as a cheap and easy solution to get started.  This needed a house, so I've designed an enclosure and published the results here.

Here's what it looks like:

[Image: fIoJVBn.jpg]

[Image: nVaOXjE.jpg]

[Image: IqCQ4Bq.png]

I also made a mount for a refurb Amazon Fire 10 HD tablet as a cheap solution for running the TouchDRO android app.  Still working on details for that mount but will publish the final version when it's ready.  Here it all is installed on my mill:

[Image: Gxsk23r.jpg]
This looks very clean. Great job.