Full Version: Touch DRO on an Axminster ZX25 (Rong Fu RF25)
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I actually did my mill first - and as it turned out so well, I did my lathe as well. Smile

[Image: Mill3.jpg]

Z-Axis is mounted on plate that sits under the machine name plate, and is attached to the depth stop arm.

[Image: millzaxis.jpg]

Y-Axis is mounted to the mill in such a way that the scale moves, not the head - so it's not dragging the cable when the table moves

[Image: millyaxis.jpg]

And the X-Axis. The readhead sits behind the auto stop for my shop built power feed.

[Image: millxaxis.jpg]

The interface is mounted on the wall to one side of the mill.

[Image: milliface.jpg]

There is a tach sensor on the mill, but it's not very easy to see - it's a similar setup to the lathe where the sensor is in the head casting, but in this case it's pointing up toward the quill fully sheave, and there's 4 rare earth magnets glued to the underside of it.
very similar path i took

[Image: 41222075_2116164261735779_75720669424464...e=5C1E5226]
X is hidden under some alu angle, I added the power feed stops since.

[Image: 41294045_2116164278402444_85612713117063...e=5C203061]
the Y is on the side with a Z stock with a rubber flap.

My Z is very similar, I have a tach to add next