Full Version: MSP430 + Glass Scales, need help with voltage divider
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Hi all,

Trying to get an MSP430 working with Glass scales, but cannot figure out the wiring of the 2 resistor voltage divider.

I am using Ditron scales with a Dsub 9 connector, The pinouts is the same as what is posted on the site.

I am hoping for an actual photo as it is hard me to to understand the diagrams on the site.  Just really need a photo of how 1 axis is setup as I will be able to figure out how to wire the additional axis's

This is the page I have been looking at.

Also I assume I don't need any additional power supplies, just the usb phone charger which will power the MSP430 and the glass scales?

I previously built the igaging diy msp430 by following the detailed photos but I can no longer use it as I ended up with an incompatible Chinese scale.

Thank you