Full Version: What is WPS pin?
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While connecting your printer to the wireless network, you can use either WPS pushbutton or WPS pin, and out of these two, the last one is more secured. WPS pin is called WiFi protected setup pin, which can be obtained from your router or by printing a network configuration report from your Printer. To get it from the router is easy as you can see the pin at its back, while to obtain it from your printer requires a set of process which would want you to download the HP Smart app

The WPS pin is a pretty basic terminology used in information technology; it is what you use to gain access to a WIFI network so that you can, in turn, access the internet. It was always suggested to me that I should make my WPS pin complicated so that it can’t easily be hacked by my neighbors who just want to leech off my wifi and not pay for it. So what I use for my pin is a combination of numbers, words, and symbols that is pretty incoherent so that it can’t be predicted by the hackers even if they were helped by akinator the web genius. If you are interested in how I did it, you can click for more info.