Full Version: Would this rotary encoder work with a glass-scale board?
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Apologies... I know enough about electronics to get myself into trouble, but not back out again. Would this encoder work with a TouchDRO board for glass scales? And if so, am I correct in assuming that it would actually have 14400 PPR (quadrature)? Would I need to add pull-up resistors?

Encoder in question here
It looks like it will work. You won't get 14400 PPR (technically speaking) but that will be the resolution.
It will require a pull-up resistor, since the encoder is NPN.
Thanks, Yuriy.

So I need to add a 2k resistor from Vcc to each of the A and B outputs, correct? What about the complimentary (A- and B-) outputs? -
Modern 5V encoders use positive signal on both lines (primary and complementary), so you'd want pull-up resistors on both sets. The board comes will pull-down resistors installed, but if you give me some heads-up I can order one without those resistors.
I'd use something around 50K for pull-up resistors in that case. If you use 2k with the 47K that come on the board, that would still work, but it just add "chaos factor".
50k on both sets it is, then. This is for an existing setup... So no special orders necessary. Just adding a rotary table readout for the W axis on my mill.

Thanks again for the help.