Full Version: Launchpad Rehost to ESP32
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I have recently completed my TouchDRO installation on my Maximat V10P, and have posted pictures over at  Very impressed with the app, Yuri, and looking forward to the next version.
I discovered early on that the Launchpad simply wasn't fast enough to keep up with a rapid carriage traverse using a high resolution (1um) quadrature encoder  scale; it maxed out at around 35mm/sec.  So I rehosted the Launchpad functionality onto an ESP32, which uses internal hardware to do the high speed decoding, and has the added advantage of an inbuilt (and quite robust) Bluetooth interface, so everything is in one small cheap module (I used the DOIT DEVKIT V1.)
I have uploaded the software to GitHub at

Note that the rehosted software is ONLY for quadrature scales.

The quadrature decoding part appears to work very soundly. The Tacho software has been bench tested (it appears to provide better resolution than the original Launchpad version) but has not been field tested on an actual spindle. 
The probe functionality appears to function as per the original.

This is my first foray into the world of GitHub, and I left the upload pretty much to Microsoft's Visual Studio magic, but I hope it's OK.

Roman o.