Full Version: Error message: Unfortunately, DRO has stopped.
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I have this setup.
Homemade adapter board, X, Y, Z and RPM.
Works well with touchDRO 2.5.10 on an Asus Tablet model K013 with Android 5.0

Another Asus ZenPad C 7.0 (Z170C) with Android 5.0.2 has a problem.
I can start touchDRO Ver. 2.5.10  and configure it but when I click "CONNECT" touchDRO says:

              Unfortunately, DRO has stopped.
                  Report               OK

If there are no paired BT devices on the pad, clicking CONNECT presents an empty selection list but it doesn't crash.

On both tablets the app "Serial Bluetooth Terminal" shows the serial stream from the adapter board correctly.
What can I do?
I also having the same problem.
Can anyone help us solve this problem?
Reinstalling the TouchDRO App solved the problem I was experiencing.