Full Version: X and Z axis's not working
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Hi there, just received my Touch DRO for glass scales board, powered up , connecting to blue tooth, testing the axis's and X and Z are not working- one digit flickers when i move the encoder. works fine for the Y and W axis. put the board under the microscope and I see nothing out of place. the encoder is TTL output , just testing on the bench, have clean power in, getting 5.00 V out on the encoder pins and 3.27 on the 3.3v rail, am I doing something wrong?
Well, I was testing with a rotary encoder. that works fine on Y and W axis's , I tested with a linear scale and it works on all axis's, will have to check further into the rotary encoder as it may need pull up resistors.
If it's a standard 30mm rotary encoder with open collector outputs and you want it to be the equivalent of one with "voltage" output, you will need 2k pull-ups. The only difference between the two types is that they put the 2k pull-ups in the voltage-output encoders.
added some 10k resistors - now working