Full Version: TouchDRO Quadrature Glass and Magnetic Scale DRO adapter kit
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Does anyone know if the TouchDRO Quadrature Glass and Magnetic Scale DRO adapter kit is compatible with single line quadrature scales ???
I've got a set of M-DRO EH-05 quadrature scales. 5V TTL quadrature A, B, Z output signal. Reading the description, it seems this kit is made for differential line quadrature scales, but I couldn't tell if it would work with single line type.
The kit can handle both. Handling single-ended scales is trivial. The chip is wired to ignore the second set of inputs if they are not connected. You still get the benefit from the input buffering provided for the used inputs (i.e. the scales see correct impedance and the microcontoroller is protected from voltage spikes).
Thank you
What is the max data capture rate for a glass/magnetic scale?
Is it possible to enable a Z input (periodic reference with some magnetic scales) to provide a home position? I realize there would need to be a software update but this would be sweet.