Full Version: Calibration issues
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I just picked up a blu-DRO 2 weeks ago and am having trouble getting it calibrated.  I have the igauging Absolute DRO Plus installed on a LMS 3990.  The original readouts are right on.
I have followed the steps in Yuriy's youtube and have the following readings that I took when I set up to 30000 CPI
X axis values are as follows:
2538 CPI, -2.3709"
2538 CPI, -2.3743"
2422 CPI, -2.9996"
2538 CPI, -2.3661"
2538 CPI, -2.3701"

Y axis values are as follows:
2538 CPI, 2.7860"
2537 CPI, 2.7293"
2538 CPI, 2.7276"
2537 CPI, 2.7289"
2538 CPI, 2.7272"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
After much experimentation, problem solved...