Full Version: Ferrite beads...?
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Would adding a ferrite bead/choke to the various cables on a TouchDRO set-up have an appreciable effect on signal reducing noise/interference?

Assuming this would be in addition to implementing the precautions already recommended: shielding, short cables, electrical isolation, etc.

If so, would they be effective on the both the power lead & the leads from the scales?


The thing that was most effective with my scales was to open the read heads and install 0.1uf ceramic capacitors from Vcc to GND. Ferrite beads didn't seem to have any appreciable effect. Decoupling the noise right at the read head made mine (Shars) extremely stable.
Hi Briney,

My apologies.. I thought I'd replied to your comment ages ago... must have become lost in the ether!

So...My board (finally) arrived the other day and I have just taken delivery of the additional components I'll need to get it up and running (using an old ATX psu to power it).

So far I've only connected a single (iGaging) scale on the workbench, to confirm everything talks together - so far, so good Smile

I should get an opportunity this weekend to fully set it all up on the mill, and I'll get an idea of whether or not I actually need  to modify the scales as you suggest, once it is all up & running while attached to my mill.