Full Version: Red Light on the Quad Board, No Display on the X Axis
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Just got all the pieces "talking"... and everything looks good except for a solid red LED on the TouchDRO Quadrature board. The Bluetooth connect LED is flashing with a quick double flash every 2 seconds. The green LED is solid. The amber LED is doing it's heartbeat thing, but the red LED is on solid. 

From what I've discovered this is an indicator for the touch/probe.... which I do not have. I have three Chinese quadrature glass scales. No probes anywhere... The only "extra" is a NO switch between Reset and Ground as Yuiry suggests. 

Of course maybe I've mis-wired the 6 leads for the scales.... always a possibility.  

My scales, according to my manual, have the same pinouts as the Easson scales that Yuiry shows. The wiring I've used is as follows: 

A-, Pin 1, Blue lead
0V, Pin 2, Black lead (ground)
B-, Pin 3, Yellow lead
A+, Pin 6, Green lead
+5V, Pin 7, Red lead
B+, Pin 8, White lead

I have no connections to the PCB for the tach, or touch probe.... which is what really puzzles me since I've got that solid red LED thing going.... In addition to the red LED, I have no display for the single scale (X axis) that I've got connected.

The Bluetooth connected to my Fujitsu 10.1" tablet ($49.99 from eBay) quickly and easily, with the 1234 code. And TouchDRO connects and disconnects seamlessly and easily. 

So if anyone has any ideas or thoughts I would really appreciate hearing them.


I have 2 quadrature boards and with no probe attached, the red led is normally on. If you short the probe pin to the 3.3v pin next to it, the red led should turn off.

I can't help with the scales issue, but hope this helped with the red light.