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Cannot see an answer anywhere so . . .

What is involved in getting a kit delivered to the UK (Great Britain) please ?


hi me to, but how do i have it sent to south Africa  Wink regards ted smith Ps the holidays are over now and the sun is still shining
Hi Richard. Did you go ahead and order a kit? For info I have ordered a Quadrature No Solder Kit to my South Africa address, paid by PayPal, the process was easy but have no idea if it's on it's way ... I'll try remember to let you know how that turns out.
No Ian, I went down the route of a homebuilt interface box to
read the three X, Y, Z scales on my mini-mill along with an RPM
sensor on the motor shaft.

I am using an Arduino Nano but have run into problems -
the tacho sensor is enabled in the software, the sensor
I have is outputting a decent signal, but the Nano is only
producing an RPM reading something like a tenth of what
it should be.
I haven't managed to calibrate any of the axes yet using the
TouchDRO software - I am using an 80mm block and the
example I have seen uses a 3" one ?#! - the other problem
(in the UK) is that it has been much colder than normal this
winter and my garage is unheated! Must get back to sorting it all out.

I did get the Bluetooth working fine straight away though!

Would be pleased to hear how you get along with your purchase.

Your setup sounds very interesting Richard, I've not used these popular Arduinos yet. I'm have a PIC microprocessor bent. Like to know how you solve the tacho reading.

I expect your 80mm dimension should not pose too much of a challenge if you adapt the method shown in Yuris video where he goes through the procedure. If you haven't seen it its in YouTube at: , or search for TouchDRO Basics Axis Calibration.

The cold, now thats another issue entirely. Thankfully, it is still comfortable here in SA at the moment and should be for a month or so longer.

Chat to you later when my kit arrives ...
In answer to the original question from the OP...

Order on the 'store' page and pay with PayPal. you'll get an payment receipt form PayPal.
A few days later. Pay Pall will notify you that you board has been shipped, incl a USPS tracking code.
You can sign up for email/SMS notifications from USPS.
Eventually (a week or more later) you package will make it to the UK, where ParcelFarce will pick up up & submit it UK Customs.
They will pay the VAT & charge you for that convenience, after which they will send (ie snail mail) you a bill for about £30.
When you pay this (you can do it over the phone), they will send the package out to you (or you can opt to collect it fro the depot, but you can't change delivery address).

...the bottom line is that there delivery to the UK is 3 weeks and $40 over the basic cost of postage.

Note to Yuriy: I had another package delivered from a US based online seller, recently. They used DHL. It took 3 days and there were no additional charges. Looking at DHL's pricing this service looks as it it would have cost about $40 for your board, to the UK. As a customer, I'd have much preferred to pay a little more up front for a far much faster/simpler delivery Smile