Full Version: DIY DRO Adapter + AS5311
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Hello. I'm new here and I'm in the DRO too. I have several AS5311 ICs. I would like to make my own DRO based on DIY DRO Adapter.

I understand correctly that it will be enough for me to draw and make a board according to the scheme such

I want to use the encoder from here, the diagram and the board in the screenshot.

It turns out that ESP32 WROOM Dev takes over the role of data processing controller?
I understand correctly that I brought everything that is needed for manufacturing. And this controller will receive a quadratic signal from AS5311? By the way, can someone have gerbera controller boards under the order? Or just draw yourself or order a DIY kit from the site...
Really nobody implemented the given topology of system? Please tell me if AS5311c DIY DRO Adapter will work
It turns out that for power supply it is enough to supply the ESP32 module via micro USB 5 Volts, and the ESP32, in turn, will power the entire board? I just did not see other power connectors.