Full Version: Using Sargon DRO scales
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I just bought a mill that has a Sargon DRO and scales with a 25 (15?) pin connector. The display is so primitive that you can't even reset the ABS to zero (or I haven't found the magic key sequence). 

I can replace the display to a Jenix unit, but I'd also like the ability to add the Z axis and quill display at some point. I helped my dad put a Touch DRO on his mill with Chinese scales 5 years ago, and am very happy with it so it seems like the right way to go.

Digging around online I found this gem:  Sargon scales produced TTL signals which are compatible with AcuRite DROs.
There's a reasonable chance that the Sargon scales have the following pinout:
14 = 0v
15 = 5v
1 = TTL A
2 = TTL B

Are my scales compatible with TouchDRO's hardware?